Cycle Day 6: Egg Watch 2017

Today is my birthday!  And this morning I drove to NYC for my blood work and ultrasound appointment.

My right ovary was definitely more generous this birthday.  She had 4 follicles that were substantial enough to mention.  The left side, the doctor said was "quiet."  So the left ovary needs to get in the game.  The nurse assured me that this was normal at this stage in the cycle.

I honestly cannot remember my last IVFs, they were quite a long time ago.  So I cannot remember the results from those first monitoring appointments for those IVF cycles.  But, the notes show that no follicles were mentioned until the appointment on cycle day 8.  I am going back in for Friday which will be cycle day 9.  So, I am sure I will know more then.

I'll tell you what I am wishing for - 10 eggs.  That would be a fantastic cycle.  My first IVF, 6 eggs were retrieved and my second IVF, 12 eggs were retrieved.  But, those cycles were about 4 years ago when I was 34.  I just turned 39.  So, if we ended up with 10 eggs, it would be a huge win for me.  Even 8 would be great.  And, I wouldn't balk at 6.  What's even more important is how many of the embryos turn into blasts and how many test genetically normal.  Even with just one genetically normal girl, I would be thrilled.  That means, I am, however, banking on it working the first try.  And, I am.  That's what I am manifesting and that's what I believe will happen. I really believe that Dr. Braverman was the key to my success last time, so we will be successful first try with him again.