Cycle Day 12: Trigger Shot

Today is cycle day 12.  Mood is bummer with a side of this sucks.  The ultrasound showed 5 eggs.  So one more than last week but still not what I was hoping for and probably not enough to bother with PGD.  I guess we'll see how it goes.

Also, I am done with all but two of the injections that I have to give myself for this retreival cycle.  WOOT!  The retreival is scheduled for Wednesday.  So I will take my HCG trigger shots tonight and should be just about ready to ovulate Wednesday morning.  Still waiting to hear the exact details but this is what I have done in the past.

This morning was rough, I realized that on my last two cycles I had been taking prednisone (10 mgs a day starting on cycle day 5) and this cycle I have not been taking prednisone.  I am concerned this may be why I am not responding as well as my last cycle.

I do have prednisone and I haven't spoken to the nurse yet so I am not sure why I have it.  But, I was told at my appointment today that Braverman does not prescribe prednisone during retreival cycles. 

This morning, however, before I heard back anything, I freaked out and took a 10 mg dose of prednisone so that could be contributing to my not great mood.  I am sure it's fine that I took it because I was on it for my last two IVFs with different doctors and they turned out fine.  But, probably not advisable to just start popping pills.  So nobody try this as home.

I also almost forgot to take my Ganirelix shot this morning and had to turn back to take it - that cost me abut 15 minutes on my drive in.  Then, because I am just an overall hot mess, I am serious your brain doesn't work when you are taking all these hormones, I missed the exit to the Merrit Parkway and ended up taking the 95 into the city.  95 is way more annoying and full of traffic compared to the Merrit so that wasn't a great move on my part.  I was about a half an hour late and lucky that Dr. Vidali (the Doctor who does my scans in the city) was still there and very nice about it. 

Anyway, 5 isn't AMAZING.  But, it can definitely get the job done.  It could be better but it could also be worse. I certainly am happy we are almost to retrieval day.  IVF is a miserable experience.

Now it's time to wait and see and hope for the best.  I am still a stressed hot mess but doing my best to seem like a normal human being.  My acupuncture absolutely helped with my hot mess-ness so grateful for that.

Chow for now,