Embryo Watch 2017: Day 1

Four eggs fertilized.  I didn't get the email until just recently letting me know that 4 of the 5 eggs fertilized.

As I was waiting to hear today's results, I started really feeling bummed I did not take prednisone during this retrieval cycle.  During my other IVFs I did take 10 mg of prednisone starting at cycle day 5. I think I was taking it last time to prepare for my transfer but wonder if it also helped the results of the retrieval.  Since inflammation is what is affecting my infertility it makes sense to me that some prednisone may help during the retrieval stage as well. 

I didn't remember and confirm that I had been on prednisone for my last IVfs until the day before the retrieval so it was too late to start.  Just another thing that went wrong because my brain really does not work well on these meds. 

Since this is my worst retrieval yet, I am worried that the lack of prednisone will affect my egg quality.  And/or it may have been what caused this cycle to not result in as many eggs as others.  Although, I am about 4 years older.

Interestingly, my right ovary did perform quite well this cycle.  I think that is support that the lack of prednisone did not affect the cycle and that there was just some fluke with the left side. 

I am trying to stay positive and focus on the fact that I was super healthy this cycle.  My diet was on point.  My stomach wasn't bloated at all and I showed no signs of inflammation.  I was feeling physically quite good considering all the drugs I was taking.  So, hopefully, that will help with the quality of these four eggs that are left.

All I can do now is wait and pray.

Grow embies! Grow!

Just another note:  it is super surreal and exciting to think that the any future children I may have could be sitting in a lab on W 54th St in Manhattan right now.  Very cool stuff.  #IVFISAWESOME