How We Did It for #1: Fertility Timeline and Braverman Protocol

Here, I am sharing my fertility timeline and successful Braverman Protocol used to have my son.  My very own Braverman Baby.



I am often sharing this information with people online and now I can just send everyone here.  Hopefully, now that it's here, it will help many more..

Crazy story.  There was one person online with whom I shared my protocol.  Working with her doctor, who prescribed it for her, she was finally able to have a successful pregnancy.  Then, her friend did the same thing and also had a successful pregnancy - twins.  She credited me with the 3 births and it really made my day.  Her daughter was born October 16th and my birthday is October 17.  The world really can be magical sometimes.

I do, however, believe it is in people's best interest to go to Dr. Braverman over using their own doctor in this way.  Dr. Braverman and his team are the experts and they are going to be able to give people the right protocol for them. But, I am still full of pride that I was able to help this woman and her friend.

I think this timeline shows that Braverman immune treatment was what I needed to have a successful pregnancy.

Also, I left out a lot of the negative things that happened at NYU.  I wrote them an 11 page complaint and am not sure if I will get into some of it on the blog ever.  But, I strongly do not recommend that fertility clinic because of my experience.


Fertility Time Line

  • December, 2010         Start trying to have a baby
  • August, 2011                Ovulation kits
  • December, 2011           Acupuncture
  • February,  2012.          Met with Dr. Zhang at New Hope
  • February, 2012            IUI #1 no medication
  • February, 2012            Met with Mukherjee at RMA
  • February, 2012            Hormone Tests FSH was 28.5
    • Dr. Mukherjee tells us how horrible Dr.Zhang is.  We believed this at the time, but in hindsight, I would say Zhang is a better doctor than Mukherjee.
    • Dr. Mukherjee says that the immune system has absolutely nothing to to with having a healthy pregnancy
  • April, 2012                  IUI - #2 - 2 eggs on 150 units of gonal-f
  • May, 2012                   IUI - #3 2 eggs on 250 units of gonal-f
  • June, 2012                 We leave RMA for NYU
  • June, 2012                  Met with Dr. Licciardi at NYU - I requested to be sent for a laparoscopy
  • July, 2012                   Surgery 
    • Stage II endometriosis removed – with Dr. Martin Robbins in Maine. 
    • Great experience generally but I am now upset that he also took out my appendix during my laparoscopy. 
      • He did explain that he may do this and I did have some pain on my right side. 
        • But the right side pain never went away and I wish I did not lose part of my body.
  • July, 2012                   Met with Dr. Batzofin
    • Had some minor immune testing done. 
    • Realized I was A1298c Homozygous. 
    • He recommended IVF directly so we left to go to Scher and return to NYU because we weren't ready to do IVF.
  • February, 2013            Met with Dr. Scher
  • February, 2013            IUI #4 clomid w/ Scher immune treatment at NYU
  • March, 2013                 IUI #5 clomid w/Scher immune treatment at NYU
  • May, 2013                    IVF #1
    • Estrogen (Vivelle Dot) Prime with Ganerelix Cycle; 150 units menopur, 450 units Gonal F.  10 mgs prednisone starting from Cycle Day 5.
    • 5 eggs retrieved  
    • complete fertilization failure
    • Rescue ICSI performed 24 hours after procedure
    • 2 blasts transferred
    • BFN
  • June, 2013                  Start Acupuncture w/ Angela Le
  • July, 2013                    IVF #2  
    • Same Drugs as Number IVF#1
    • 12 eggs retrieved
    • 9 embryos became blasts 
    • We transferred the 2 best looking blasts
    • We froze the remaining 7 frozen. 
    • Ended in a miscarriage. 
    • Testing showed a genetically normal female. 
      • they did not do a maternal contamination study but the doctor was certain it was a genetically normal girl.
    • Scher autoimmune treatment. 
    • D&C performed at 7 weeks.
  • Fall 2013                      7 remaining embryos thawed and PGS tested
    • 2/7 normal 1 boy, 1 girl
  • November, 2013          Frozen embryo transfer of PGS normal female embryo at NYU. 
    • No autoimmune treatment.
    • I called it the "NYU special" because they insisted immune treatment was rubbish.
    • Positive beta but pregnancy never progressed.  
    • They hardly saw anything on the ultrasound.
    • Technically a chemical pregnancy/early miscarraige. So "less" pregnant than with Scher's immune treatment.  
      • I say "less pregnant" to make a point that my with first pregnancy I used some immune treatment and it lasted longer. 
  • Winter 2013                My NYU doctor changes his stance on immune issues.
    • My NYU doctor now says I might be one of the 2% who need immune treatment.  When I started with him, he said he didn’t believe in immune treatment and that it didn’t work. 
      • When I asked about it having worked for people I know – he said - sometimes people just get pregnant.  
    • After 2 miscarriages with him, our doctor said he would be happy to work with Dr. Braverman; but when the time came for him to speak with Dr. Braverman.  
    • He never called us back.
    • So, after many unreturned phone calls and wasting weeks waiting, we moved our last embryo in a nitrogen tank Dr. Braverman’s lab.
  • February 2014             Moved Embryo in nitrogen tank to Dr. Braverman’s lab
  • April 12, 2014               Frozen embryo transfer.  Autoimmune treatment by Dr. Braverman
      • Pregnant!  Everything is going perfectly.
  • August 2014                 Bleeding
    • 3 nights of gushing fresh blood at 18 weeks.
    • Cervix still long and closed and baby is fine.
    • Doctors are taking bleeding seriously but concern is low.
    • Bed rest for a week and lovenox dose lowered and no more baby aspirin.
    • Bleeding stopped - thank goodness
  • January 7, 2015           Our beautiful son is born! 

My Successful Braverman Immune Protocol

  • 2.5 mg Letrozole at bedtime for 5 days starting 12 days before 5 day transfer
    • this is for endometriosis and implantation
  • Lovenox 40mg 2X a day starting about 15 days before 5 day transfer 
  • Baby Aspirin - one a day
  • 40mg of prednisone
    • I started prednisone at end of Jan 2014 and my transfer wasn't until 4/12/14.
      • I had to take it for 2 weeks an then wait 2 weeks for the blood test to come back to make sure it was working and then wait for my period to come.
      • At some point before transfer I had to drop to 20 mg because of terrible knee pain from the prednisone.
      • But, at some point he put me back on 40 mg for my pregnancy.
      • I also had the knee pain at 9 weeks pregnant so Dr. Braverman dropped me to 20 mg then.
      • He would have preferred me to stay on 40mg but he had to balance my health with the baby's
      • I was weaned off the prednisone completely by 17 weeks pregnant. 
  • BCP then Lupron after period to suppress cycle.
  • Intralipids every other week starting about 2 weeks before transfer.
  • 4 cc Delestrogen 2 times (Tues evening and Friday evening) a week injected in bum from 15 days before transfer until 12 weeks pregnant (although he let me stop at 10 weeks)
  • 2 ml progesterone injected nightly in the bum nightly starting 5 days before 5 day transfer through 10 weeks pregnant.
  • Estrogen and progesterone (E2 V2 with P4 2/100) suppositories - not sure when I started or stopped these but I think I started the day of transfer and stopped at 10 weeks pregnant.
  • He also had me take some doxycycline before the transfer but cannot remember exact days and some sort of antibiotic vaginal suppository as well before transfer.