Starting Medication Today!

Today is the day!  I start my medication for my E2 prime cycle for my retrieval.  It looks like the retrieval may be October 31, Halloween...spooky :) 

Today was a brutal day.  Last week, I did a detox from Sakara Life and so many things were great about it. I do think it was beneficial for my health.  But, it was a little too extreme for me.  The second to last day was a liquid day and I feel like I did not get the nourishment that I needed and have just had a really short fuse since.  So now I am focusing not on detoxing but just getting the healthy nourishment I need to grow some beautiful eggs. 

Tonight I slapped on one of these lovely estrogen patches.  I actually think it helped with my mood.  Or, maybe it was the grass fed New Zealand raised lamb chops I ate with Sebastian for dinner, after being practically vegan for the last couple of weeks, that boosted my mood.  Regardless, this is getting real now!


I will be putting on a new patch every other day until the end of my cycle (aka Auntie Flow comes to town).  For the next three days, I will be doing Ganirelix shots as well.  So the poking will begin.  I am not worried about the Ganirelix shots at all; these are no big deal compared to some of the shots I have to take, like the Lovenox - those sting!

So the patch (or the chops or both) lifted my mood and I am not worried about the shot.  I am also feeling super optimistic about the cycle.  Once you see all I have to go though to have this baby, you'll see it's there is not much to be excited about.  Well, except a baby!!!!!!  And for a baby it's all worth it!  I am also doing this, this time around, already a happy mom so that really takes the edge off.  A sibling would be nice though so I am thinking positive thoughts for a positive outcome.