I've written a little about my diet and detox on earlier web posts.  But, I wanted to go into more detail and show the results of my diet and detox.  Not only physically do I look healthier, I feel so much better. We can absolutely heal ourselves through food - there is no doubt.  And, I am always learning more about the perfect diet for my body.

In just 3 weeks I went from a bloated 155 lbs to a slim 139 lbs; I am 5'7.

I didn't take a photo three weeks after the first photo was taken (I wish I had!!) so you will have to take my word for it with regard to timing.  But, I was able to flatten my stomach and lost this weight in just about three weeks AND I have been able to maintain it.  The first photo is from September 10th and the second one is from today December 19th (today I weighed in at 138; last week I was down to 136).

What's remarkable about this detox, diet and exercise program is that I am able to lose that stubborn belly fat that I cannot lose otherwise.  This is so important because that stubborn belly fat is a sign that there is a hormonal imbalance and correcting this is imperative when we are talking about fertility AND health in general.

Now that I flattened my belly - I am praying this transfer works and we are able to fill it up again with a new baby!

Now that I flattened my belly - I am praying this transfer works and we are able to fill it up again with a new baby!

I challenge anyone to do what I am suggesting for three weeks.  Your life will absolutely change for the better.  It's not easy.  And, it is expensive.  I was motivated because I really want to expand my family.  I will easily be able to keep eating healthy and exercising because of the results.  It is getting just too obvious that the standard American diet is slowly killing me and decreasing my quality of life. I want to be healthy and feel good so I am committed to health and continuing to learn more about health so that I can live my best life.

This is a 3 week plan:



Metagenics Advaclear: 6 every day for 3 weeks. Two in the morning with the shake, two with lunch, two with dinner


A Shake every morning for three weeks made with the following:

A large glass of water with:

  • Thorne Mediclear Plus - 2 scoops

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    • designs for health Paleo Fiber - 1 Tablespoon


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    • designs for health Paleo Greens - 1 Tablespoon

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    • I did this under the supervision of my acupuncturist, Angela Le
    • This is of course not medical advice because I am not a doctor.  I am simply letting you know what I tried and what worked for me, one person.  But, please run everything by a holistic practitioner that you trust or don't but you do so at your own risk. 
    • You cannot do the detox while you are taking fertility (or any) medications so if you start your protocol before 3 weeks just stop the detox but do as many days as you can. Understand, that if you are taking medications they may not work because the detox will be flushing them out.
    • You should also stop your other supplements during the detox. 
    • You also do not want to do this detox while pregnant as it may be harmful to a growing fetus for various reasons.  I was told that the fetus may absorb what your body is getting rid of and that some of the vitamins in the supplements are in such a high dose they may be harmful to a growing fetus.  
    • It tastes pretty gross - but - you can do it!!


    For starters:

    • About 80% Vegan
    • All organic 
    • If animal products are eaten be sure to take care and purchase only organic (or as good as organic) products that have eaten what they are supposed to eat.  (ie no soy feed, grass fed cows, etc)
    • No packaged processed foods

    SAKARA LIFE meal plan:

    Please use my code: REF_NATALIESNUGGETS15 for 15% of your first order here.

    • Sakara Life is a meal delivery service.  I did the Sakara Life meal delivery service for most of the three weeks.  They deliver organic plant based vegan and gluten-free meals with no refined sugar.  They are fairly expensive but what they deliver is so valuable.  And it really takes the guess work out of the diet.


    • Sakara Life does not deliver on the weekends so I supplemented with another one of my favorite gluten-free, vegan and organic delivery services.  Daily Harvest, sells cups that arrive frozen and are kept in the freezer.  I love their oats, smoothies and soups.  I would start my day with a smoothie and an over easy egg (I was not 100% vegan for this diet).  Then for lunch I would have oats; or, if I was very hungry, oats and a smoothie.  For dinner, I would have a soup that I would make with organic pasture raised bone broth (again not 100% vegan) over rice or quinoa.

    • To mix with the shakes, I use Malk brand Maple Almond Milk or Unsweetened Cashew (which I prefer if it's available at my Whole Foods), Harmless Harvest Coconut Water, Bonafide Provisions Bone Broth or Thai Taste Coconut Milk.

    • USE TRYTHREEFREE for three free smoothies with your first order.


    • Here is a sample weekend day:

      • Breakfast: Egg (be sure to only eat pastured organic eggs - ideally from a local farm) over easy cooked with no oil or oil with a high burning point like coconut oil and and apple and greens smoothie mixed with Harmless Harvest Coconut Water.

      • Lunch: Pumpkin & Chai Overnight Oats with MALK nut milk

      • Dinner: Cauliflower & Leek Stew with Bonafide Provisions Chicken Bone Broth over Organic Californian Jasmine Rice

      • Snacks: Smoothies, berries, almonds

    • Here are my favorite Daily Harvest Cups

      • Soups

        • Tips
          • or the soups: I don't fill the cup to the top with liquid and I like to boil down the soup so there is not too much liquid
        • My Favorites:
          • Coconut & Carrot Soup with Thai Taste Coconut Milk over Organic Californian Jasmine Rice
          • Cauliflower Leek Stew with Bonafide Provisions Chicken Bone Broth over Organic Californian Jasmine Rice
          • Miso & Mushroo Soup with Bonafide Provisions Beef Bone Broth over Organic Californian Jasmine Rice
          • Tumeric & Lemongrass Detox Broth with Bonafide Provisions Beef Bone Broth and organic quinoa
      • Oats
        • Tips
          • I also don't fill the oats to the top and I cook them down to a thicker consistency
          • They go great with Malk Nut Milk or Thai Taste Coconut Milk
        • My Favorites:
          • Pumpkin & Spice
          • Dragonfruit
      • Smoothies
        • Tips
          • Sometimes these need a little more liquid to easily blend
          • Also it helps to let them sit for a little bit so that they are easier to blend and not too cold for your digestive system
          • If you are concerned for eastern medicine reasons about eating cold food let the smoothie sit for 20 minutes and blend with a piece of fresh organic ginger
        • My Favorites
          • Carrot & Chia with MALK Nut Milk (especially for wintertime)
          • Apple Detox with Harmless Harvest Coconut Water
          • Watermelon & Cucumber with Harmless Harvest Coconut Water
          • Pineapple Matcha with Harmless Harvest Coconut Water (tastes like a pina colada!)



    Exercise is last here but it is super important that you get moving as often as possible.  I aimed for 7 days a week.  During this three week period, I was getting about 5 workouts in a week.  I was doing these great half hour workouts, my friend Rachel, a beachbody coach, introduced me to called 21 day fix.  It's only $99 for the year to download unlimited workouts.  I absolutely recommend the download.  You can find her page HERE .  Go to the second offer on the page for unlimited downloads for $99.

    To maintain, I have only been doing the workouts about 3 - 4 times a week but still aim for everyday.