FET Interrupted

So, on Wednesday, I thought I was going to another easy, no biggie monitoring appointment.  But, we hit a small bump in the road in the form of a fibroid.  

Dr. Braverman noticed a small fibroid (a non-cancerous growth) at the base of my uterus. Often, these growths are totally benign and can often cause no symptoms. But, my cycle is postponed until Dr. Braverman can do a hysteroscopy and make sure 1) the fibroid is not blocking the entrance of the uterus and they can get the catheter through and complete the embryo transfer (aka put the embryo in my uterus) and 2) make sure there are no other fibroids in the uterus.

I have scheduled the hysteroscopy for Wednesday January 3rd and will not be starting estrogen and prednisone on Saturday as planned.  Hopefully, if everything checks out, we will just be pushing the cycle back about 5 days.  If not, well, we will have to cross that bridge when we get there....

So, pray for my uterus!  And hopefully we will be back on track next week.