Countdown to FET: 8 Days to Go ~ Reminiscing

We are getting closer to the transfer date everyday.  I cannot believe it is only 8 days away!  I am actually feeling very well on the drugs and feeling optimistic about this transfer.  

This time around things haven't gone perfectly but if this transfer works this will be a walk in the park compared what we went through to have our first son.  I think this transfer will work because I truly believe Dr. Braverman is the reason I was able to carry my son to term.  I have gotten pregnant with every FET we have done where we used ICSI so I expect that I will have a positive beta and I also expect that with Dr. Braveran's treatment I will then go on to carry to term again.  That will be two times in a row. 

I thought tonight I would share a little bit about our first and only frozen embryo transfer that worked.

Reproductive immunology is the medicine Dr. Braverman practices.  Before working with Dr. Braverman, our doctor at our last fertility clinic told us that he did not "believe" in reproductive immunology.  He belittled it and dismissed it. Then after two miscarriages, of genetically normal tested embryos, our doctor said "maybe" I am in the two percent that could benefit from reproductive immunology.  This was frustrating because this was very different that what we were originally told.  So we asked if he would work with Dr. Braverman.  He SAID yes.  But, then he never called us back.  This was after we spent around $35,000 there and had two miscarriages with him.  So, we decided to take the last genetically tested embryo we had left and transfer it to Dr. Braverman.

What we were able to do is totally fascinating to me.  We picked up a nitrogen tank from Dr. Braverman's lab and took it to our old clinic.  The embryologist put the last embryo on ice, as terrible thoughts went through my head about what they could be doing to my one last embryo (obviously they took good care of the embryo because it resulted in an amazing baby boy) but I worried, I did.  Then we drove my son as just a blastocyst (a few cells, maybe 100) about 10 NYC streets and a few avenues to Dr. Braverman's lab where we left it until we were ready to do his transfer a couple months later.

That's my baby!  Just a frozen blast taking it's first ride through Manhattan.

That's my baby!  Just a frozen blast taking it's first ride through Manhattan.

I was so filled with hope AND so much uncertainty.  I really felt this was our last chance because after two miscarriages and so many hurdles we were financially and emotionally drained.  Also, the drugs from Dr. Braverman's protocol were just totally brutal and I couldn't imagine trying again.  

But, what Dr. Braverman did for us worked.  And we are forever grateful.  And I am still upset at how many of the other doctors dismissed this treatment and allowed us to miscarry.  But, we are the lucky ones.  

Many women who could be helped by Dr. Braverman continue to be discouraged by doctors who are not up to date on the research in this field and continue to dismiss something that could help their patients.  So, these women who do not leave these outdated reproductive endocrinologists continue to have miscarriages and sometimes are never are able to carry the biological child they so want to have.  They turn to donor eggs, surrogacy, adoption or don't have children at all.  I hope they all have found happiness one way or another.  But, part of why I am writing this blog is to get the word out that there is a doctor who treats recurrent miscarriages and reproductive immune issues and there is hope for women who are going through this struggle.  

There is legitimate science behind this treatment and Dr. Braverman has great success with some of the hardest cases doing what he does.  Of course, he is not the right doctor for everyone.  But, it's so important for the women he may be able to help to learn that he is there and what he does works.

Now, of course we never know 100% what really happened and what caused my success. There is always a level of uncertainty - really with everything in life.  I am sure reproductive endocrinologists at, what their PR agencies claim are, top fertility centers are going to argue that I just got lucky.  Or as my old doctor said - well sometimes people just get pregnant. But, if this second transfer works and I am 2 for 2 with Dr. Braverman, and 0 for 2 with them I think that will say a lot.

I also know many others who have had multiple miscarriages, many more than I have had, who had success with Dr. Braverman.  Many on the first try. I actually am compiling a list of success stories from people I have met in person and online - so keep a look out for that if you are interested.  One story is from  a women who had 20 miscarriages prior to going to Dr. Braverman and first try with him she had success.  She is now pregnant with her second!