Hysteroscopy: All Clear

 Dr. Braverman really is turning over every rock to make sure this transfer works.  Yesterday, I had a hysterscopy to look into a fibroid that was found during my last ultrasound.

I haven't had one of these before.  And I hope I never have to have one again.  The procedure consists of the normal uncomfotableness of a Pap smear with the added bonus of fluid and a camera going into your uterus.  The fluid causes an intense cramping, imagine a crampy day from your period and then turn the volume up to 10.  It was intense pain but the procedure was over in no time.  Dr. Braverman and the nurse were friendly and helped me get through the non fun experience.

Luckily, everything looked good and we are ready to move forward.  I am still waiting for an updated calendar.  So, I won't know the new target transfer date until I get that.  I am super excited to start the process and get this all over with.

I am now on hold with my drugs and only taking metformin, baby aspirin and lupron.  The lupron was fine at first but over time the side effects have gotten worse.  Some days I have bad headaches and get very dehydrated.  So the sooner I get my calendar and get moving the better!

I just have to keep my eye on the prize.