Going Full on Braverman

After my failed transfer, I warrior goddessed up and decided to get my baby. So, I am going full on Braverman.  

What does full on Braverman mean?  It means covering all my bases and leaving no stone un turned.  It means getting a laparoscopy to look for and remove endometriosis and taking his supplements.  I am taking Endo Optimize Endometriosis Support, Endo Optimize Myo-Insotol and Ends Optimize Greens Formula. Here is a link to the supplements.  

It also means doing another retrieval and transfer with him and following his immune protocol,  without much questioning from me.  I am one of those patients who asks a lot of questions.  But, at this point, I do trust Dr. Braverman (I already have one child because of him) so I try to not to question too much.

I had my laparoscopy yesterday and will give you all the details in my next post.