Monitoring: CD 7 : Relatively "low stim" Protocol

Today I drove to Long Island instead of NYC for my monitoring so I got to see Dr. Braverman himself.  Everyone at the office was super lovely.

Dr. Braverman said that I have 2 follicles on my right side and 1 follicle on my left.  So, we are hoping to retrieve 3 follicles this cycle.  



He actually mentioned that he may want to bank some more embryos before we transfer.  And, I guess that may be smart, depending on what we get this time, but it does push off getting pregnant and having a baby by a month.  And, waiting is one of the hardest parts of the fertility journey.  But, I am focusing on what I have.  I am blessed to already have one miracle baby and I have follicles coming up so potential for another baby.  And, I am really optimistic this will work this time.  Also, I am in a great situation with a great doctor.  So if it's important to be smart and bank more that's what we will do.  But, I actually am getting ahead of myself.  Let's just see how this retrieval goes.

Tonight, I am going to start injecting 300 iu of Follistim (this is why it's my "relatively "low stim" protocol" - bc that's a lot of Follistim!! but for me it's much less stimulation medication than I have used in the past) with my 5 mgs letrazole.  Hopefully, it helps all 3 follicles grow grow grow healthy eggs that turn into healthy embryos.

Next appointment is Monday.  Talk to you then!