My Retrieval Is Tomorrow

This week I have been preparing for my retrieval and it is also National Infertility Awareness Week.  I have really enjoyed sharing my story and all the amazing women I have been able to meet during this otherwise difficult journey.  So, I am going to keep sharing my journey so that other women know that they are not alone and so the other women who have similar issues to me know that Dr. Braverman is the right doctor for them as well.

I have been in relatively good spirits this week.  Using a lower stim protocol has definitely made this retrieval more bearable.  I have been a little sore in my lower abdomen, I believe because I am making more than the normal one egg this month.  I also have had one day (Wednesday) where I felt super drained and tired.  But, today, I feel great (besides the headache and that I am lactating from the HCG trigger shot) and am excited for the retrieval tomorrow.


At my last appointment Dr. Braverman saw 5 follicles.  So, that means we will likely get 5 eggs tomorrow.

I hope they are all fertilize and grow well so we can move on to the next step: the transfer.