Fertilization Result - AAARRGGGHHHHH

Out of the 4 eggs retrieved only 1 was mature.  Thankfully it fertilized. It seems that because we tried to do a low stim without birth control (which is what I wanted), we really only got one lead follicle.  

If that is the case, it could mean that this one embryo will grow into a good embryo and it could get the job done. Still, we are only starting with one.  Since there is only one, it's possible that I get a call tomorrow saying the embryo stopped growing and that will mean the cycle is a complete bust. Hopefully, that doesn't happen and in 5 days we get a call that this embryo looks really good.

With only one or zero embryos though we may have to do another retrieval.  It will extend this journey for another month.  But, I guess it just is what it is.