Embryo Watch 2018: Day 4

So I learned today that I have one compacting embryo with a grade: 1.  This is the equivalent of a grade: A embryo.  So this is the best possible news I could receive.

I honestly feel like I have been just going through the motions when it comes to this fertility stuff. I have been going on with life as best I can even though I don't feel my best.  I have been driving to the doctors appointments and dealing with the medicine and the supplements and the acupuncture like it's a job.  But, I feel relatively detached.  Still, hearing that this embryo is doing well did get me a little excited.  I am holding out hope that this could be it.



Tomorrow, is day 5 and what we want to see is this embryo turn into a blastocyst.  So keep pray pray praying!