Retrieval Checklist

- Photo identification for yourself and your partner if they are giving sperm. 

- A healthy snack and your favorite water for when you wake up from the anesthesia .  They may provide you with a snack and water but you probably won’t like it so bring something light that will be easy on your stomach (like crackers or a muffin) that you love and fits your diet.

 - Comfy clothes.

- Any meds or supplements you usually take in the morning that you had to skip because of fasting.   

- Your favorite brand of maxi-pad.  They will provide you with one but you may prefer your brand. 

- You may be excited and forget your essentials: remember your keys and wallet. 

Prepare for after the retrieval as well.:

- A heating pad for cramping. 

- The healthiest electrolyte drink you can find.  Coconut water is great.   Or make your own.  I don’t recommend drinking Gatorade unless you want a bunch of poison with your electrolytes.

- Pain killers - only if you need them.  These will contribute to constipation so stop them when you can.

- Smooth move tea.  I did one cup for two nights after the retrieval to help with constipation.