Cycle Pushed Back

My last appointment was May 25th.  A couple days before this, I learned some disappointing news.  My  transfer had to be pushed back.  My doctor realized as he looked through my labs that I had been pre-treated for a couple of months with prednisone for a “cytokine-storm” that he found through my old blood work (apparently this test is not currently available) when I had my son.  I had not yet started the prednisone and my transfer was only about 4 weeks away.  So, together, we decided to stop the FET prep for now so I could spend some time on prednisone before my next transfer.

The two weeks before this had been very miserable.  Birth control pills make me certifiably insane and depressed.  Now that I wasn’t doing my transfer, I had taken the birth control for no reason! 

I didn’t even get to stop the pills when I found this out.  It seems that stopping birth control pills in the middle of a pack is not the best idea as it may mess with your cycle.  So I continued taking them until Thursday.  The rest of the time on the birth control pills was not so bad, bc I started on 20 mgs of prednisone on 5/23.  Prednisone is a birth control pill antidote - it boosts me up and pulls me out of the depression.  It also really lowers my inhibitions - so watch out.

I was very disappointed that my transfer got pushed back.  But, ultimately, I am happy we caught this and we are trying to mimic the immune protocol I used with my son as much as possible.  Also, June in CT is amazing so I am going to enjoy my prednisone super strength and the weather and pray the moon face stays at bay.  I just hope to really enjoy this month with my family and be in good spirits when it’s time to transfer, I believe mid-July.