We decided to go with a pretreatment of prednisone.  So I started 20mgs of prednisone May 24th.

Monday, May 2, I started letrozole for 5 days.  I actually forgot to take it one night so I skipped one day but continued to take all 5 pills and finished the prescription on the 7th.  Dr Braverman said this was not an issue at all.. phew!  Lesson learned - be more careful and don’t mess up your medication!!

On Tuesday, July 8th, I took my trigger shot. 

On Wednesday, July 9th, I started lovenox, doxycycline and baby aspirin. I also had an intralipid injection. 

On Thursday, July 10th, I upped my dose of prednisone to 40 mg (20 in the AM and 20 in the PM).  The calendar says to bump up on transfer day but I thought the extra prednisone may help with the ovulation pain. 

Transfer is today!  July 17th. Pray. Pray. Pray.