Chemical or False Positive with a Clear Blue Easy: You Deciede

I started my period last Saturday.  This is exciting because I am scheduled to do a frozen embryo transfer (FET) this month.  But, it was kind of a bummer because I had thought I saw some very light lines on my home pregnancy tests this month.  Here is a picture of one below.


I know some people may be like - I don't see anything.  But there is definitely a very light blue line that came up within the window.  I can see it clearly here.  I also got some light lines with Equate brand pregnancy tests consistantly.  But, none of the pink dye tests (FRER; brand) came up positive.

I can tell you - thinking that I might be pregnant really made the weight of struggling with infertility (even secondary) apparent.  I was really happy thinking this might all be over and that I actually got pregnant naturally - for the first time ever.

But, then, my period came - a day early even and that dream was shattered.  

My conclusion is that I either had a chemical; or, Clear Blue Easy and Equate give false positives.  I'll never know.  All I can do now is turn my focus to this month and pray pray pray this works.

I will admit, I am feeling a little nervous.  I am hopeful and I know there is one person who is going to be like "just relax" - easier said than done, friend.  It's a lot.  I have been preparing for this since my last transfer failed in Febuaray.  I had been preparing for my February transfer since the end of July.  So it's been a year that I have been preparing for this.  I also had surgery and have been really strict with my diet for almost a whole year.  Not to mention the regular acupunctire, therapy and massage to stay healthy and sane.   And, now we are just a couple weeks away.