Cycle Day 3: FET

Today, I drove to Long Island for monitoring.  I will be doing a frozen embryo transfer this month. EEK.  

Everything went well at the monitoring appointment, and my nurse sent me a schedule.  I start Letrozole tonight.  

I am really feeling a lot of feelings.  I am excited and nervous, hopeful and humble.  I will stick with my self-care-like-its-my-job routine: each week I am doing acupuncture, therapy, massage and fertility yoga.  I am also taking an occasional hike and eating super well (thanks to Sakara Life - USE MY CODE: REF_NataliesNuggets15 for 15% off). Other than that, all I can do is pray, pray pray.

Honestly, praying is such a gift in times of stress for me.  I am grateful for praying.

Below is a photo of Dr. Braverman's decor.  I will take all three this month.